Help me get this stuff working!!

OK. I have spent the better part of the last 2 weeks trying to get my Sibelius to recognize VD2. I have read so many forum posts my head is spinning!

I use a MacBook Pro, Sibelius 4 and VD2. I have read about starting Sibelius using Rosetta, but I do not have that option when I call up the info screen. I have tried using the Tutorial, but again...not much luck. I have tried importing into Garageband, but tempo changes and accelerandos are an issue. I have tried holding my breath, but I just get dizzier....

At this point I have a cool program called Virtual Drumline that I can play around with by hitting the keys on the Kontakt Player, and a cool notation program that so far has done everything I have asked it to do. Can anyone help them just get along and work together????

Have you perused the Tapspace VDL2 FAQs at

I am not yet a Mac user, but perhaps this will point you in the right direction.
Hi Jeff, and welcome to the forum. Now breathe....


OK a couple things. You're probably closer than you think, but are making yourself frustrated when certain details (that you may not have let sink in) are overlooked.

You mentioned launching Sibelius in Rosetta (since you have an intel mac). Here's the thing - Sibelius is not yet a universal binary application, so you won't have this option until they release a UB version. So anytime you launch Sibelius, you actually ARE in Rosetta. Same with VDL2. So not much to really worry about there.

Have  you activated the IAC driver yet (sometimes referred to in VDL2 documentation as your ";virtual midi cable";)? If not, this is an important step. The virtual midi cable is the link which connects sibelius and VDL. Since you've been reading, I assume you must know what this is. If not, be sure to read the vdl2 quickstart guide (carefully) as it walks you through this process specifically.

Past that, I'm not sure what else to suggest until we know a little more about what your current settings are. Panic doesn't help us help you and you may have to be patient to actually learn as you go. All we can do is guess. For more detailed help, you should list the settings you have made in:

Playback and input devices window
Each track of the Sibelius mixer (particularly 'device', and 'channel' settings)

Info from Soundcard setup window
Info from MIDI setup window.

Your system specs are always helpful to include as well. It might not be a bad idea to include in your signature.
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