Playback Main Hits(B3)

I just started using VDL 2 on my Macbook using Sibelius 4.  I set-up VDL and all the right playback channels, but when I enter in main hits(B3) on the Snareline Auto RL, the notes play as stick clicks (B1).  Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Are you entering with a midi keyboard or just using the mouse or qwerty keyboard?
Just with my mouse, but I usually use a MIDI keyboard.

OK. Obviously the entry process is different depending on your method. But most likely you haven't set the ";Snareline AutoRL"; staff type to your snareline staff.

If you are using the Tapspace Sibelius VDL2 template (, all you need to do is set your snare staff to use the VDL:2 Snareline AutoRL staff type. Select the first bar of the snare staff, then use the Create>Other>Staff Type Change>Percussion menu path to do this.
Thanks a lot.
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