I Need Help with the Notation

Hi Guys.  I just got VD2 and I have some questions that hopefully someone can help me out with.

I work with Finale 2007 and I just figured out how to get the sounds to line up.  I write scores for Winds, Battery, and Pit so I cannot always use the template.  How do I get the notes from the Snareline to line up on the C space, tenor notes in the appropriate spaces, etc. without using a template and using a new document?  The notes are all over the place.

Also, I was noticing on some of the discussions that Jim was using about 16 instruments on his Kontakt.  How do I load more than 8 VD2 instruments at a time?

I appreciate the help.

Dennis - creating a full wind/percussion score could be carried out via one of two ways.

You could start with our Finale template (available free at: https://www.tapspace.com/updates), then simply add all your wind staves to it. You'll probably have to adjust your page layout by reducing staff sizing so that all staves will appear and not collide with each other, but this should be relatively quick. Personally, I think this may be the easier way to go, but if you'd like another option...

You could export the percussion maps from our VDL template, then import them into your wind score where you can then setup percussion staves, and assign appropriate staff styles for VDL2 percussion mappings. Coach has a good play-by-play of how to do this here:

The current VDL2 player only allows for 8 instruments per instance, but since you are hosting VDL2 as a plugin within Finale 2007, simply load another instance of VDL2 in Finale channels 17-32 in the Native Instruments setup window. Be sure to assign the channels properly in the ";instrument list"; window as well so that:

[b]First instance of VDL2:[/b]
VDL2 channel 1 = Instrument list channel 1
VDL2 channel 2 = Instrument list channel 2

[b]Second instance of VDL2:[/b]
VDL2 channel 1 = Instrument list channel 17
VDL2 channel 2 = Instrument list channel 18

In theory, you can do the same for your wind sounds using the Finale GPO sounds in remaining slots of the NI Setup window so all sounds (percussion/winds) are playing back from hosted plugin instruments within Finale. Since this could potentially eat up a lot of CPU power, be sure your system is running lean and mean (Windows users check 'tuning tips' at http://www.musicxp.net), and that no other programs are running.
Definitely will do.  I really appreciate you answering my questions.

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