finale 05 and VDL probs

i downloaded the full score template thing for finale 05. 

i have VDL2 running in the backround, and i have all the midi stuff set up. but i have no midi keyboard

anyone using finale know how i can assign the right snare sound to the single line they give for the snare? when i manually enter a note, it doesnt come up with the snare sound i want.

im sure its the regular snare RH/LH hit...ive been working for sometime now tryin to figure it out...if its really basic, im sorry for wasting time
If you aren't going to use a midi keyboard, things may take longer for you. There are a few software alternatives to the midi keyboard that will allow you to enter notes via an on-screen midi input device. This would probably be your best option in lieu of a MIDI keyboard. Check out the FAQ [b][url=]here.[/url][/b]

PS - If you decide to post in the future, please take an extra moment to ensure your message is more easily readable. I had a tough time sifting through your missing punctuations and capitalization. Text message lingo won't be met with a very warm response here since written details are important to receive good help. Check this:
Sorry about the grammer etc.  I realize that you need to make things clearer here.  I am new to using MIDI and working with it.  And especially new to making it work with notation programs.  I am still used to the concept of writing on paper ;)

Thanks for the links, I am trying out the virtual midi keyboard and I will just mess around with it all so I can get started with VDL2

thanks again Jim.
Sure thing zoso. Good luck, and remember to take things one step at at time, and try to have [i]some[/i] fun while you're doing it. :)
Ok, now i have a question

Of course concerning basses and tenors, you usually have the drums layed out on 4 Spaces on the staff, and then either 1 or 2 spaces above the staff (for spock drums) or top bass, or one space on the bottom for bottom bass.

When I start finale, get virtual drumline running through it, and match the channels, the sounds that should play in certain lines or spaces do not play.  In one situation, the snare drum hit would play on one space above the staff where the percussion map said the ride cymbal should be heard.

This goes the same for the tenors, and I havent tried with basses yet.

I was wondering if i could be provided with an easy solution, I have been working at it, and trying to edit the percussion map, but nothing changes.  I'm thinking there might be that one simple solution that you always overlook.

Thanks all.
This is why I initially asked if you were using a midi input device. Don't enter notes by clicking in the staff. Instead, click on the midi pitch of your midi keyboard (or in this case, your on-screen midi keyboard freeware) which will then send a midi message into Finale, telling it what ";pitch"; (sound) you want it to play for that note. If you have the correct VDL2 percussion map (in the template) applied to that staff, Finale will know to place that note on the correct staff line or space with an appropriate notehead.

Use the midi input device and avoid the mouse for note input.
Well here's what I did.

From the percussion map, I unhighlited all of the named maps from VDL2.  Then highlited only the ones i wanted to hear, and pressed ok.

This allowed me to directly play the note i wanted on the staff.  It definately helped me understand it a bit more.  Now the snare i want to hear plays on the single line, the tenor notes i want to hear do as well.  Now I only highlited the RH hits so it can sound a little bit funky...But as soon as I get comfortable with how that works i will grow from there

Thanks again Jim.
Ok i've finally figured things out...but now what bugs me is sometimes I will set everything how i want it for snare, tenor and basses, and then the playback will freeze (and i know fora  fact that my midi settings are all right)

and then there is the other times that it will work smoothly

Just recently I set everything up then wrote a couple excersizes I had written on paper.  The playback worked smoothly and it sounded great.  I then closed finale and VDL2.  I opened it later, loaded all the sounds I had before, with the correct channels, and I tried to play it back and it froze everytime.

Please help, thanks.
Try this article at [b][url=]Tapspace FAQ Central.[/url][/b]

Your midi settings may not be right if you're creating a midi loop. If you want someone here to verify, you'll need to include those settings in your post. [b]ALL settings are important, including your midi input device, virtual midi cable, and in/out settings in Finale and VDL.[/b] If you don't list those, all anyone can do here is guess.
Ok in Finale, my midi out is set to none because i have no midi keyboard.  My midi out is set to Midi Yoke NT: 1
In VDL2, my midi input interface is set to MIDI Yoke NT: 1 - ON ;  everything else is turned off

My sample rate is at 44100, right now i have the latency set at 20 ms

The RAM listed for the snare is 46.71 MB
for tenors its 108.89 MB
and when i try to load a bassline sound, it says the memory is getting low

But it has said that before, and the playback still worked fine.

I hope that information helped a bit
Midi-OUT in Finale is correct. Midi-IN in VDL2 is correct as well. This is good! If you had a midi keyboard, that's what you'd set for Finale's midi INPUT. Since you don't have a midi keyboard, are you using one of the on-screen software input devices? If so, this is what should be set as your midi INPUT in Finale.

You may want to increase your latency to somewhere in the 30-40ms range.

The memory low message may have something to do with whether or not you are using DFD. Are you using DFD? If you're not sure what that is, do some searching on the forum, or read more about it at
i downloaded DFD, and i set the reserved voices to 248 because when i tried setting it to 256, it would change to 248 after i opened it again.

the latency is at 30-40 but it still freezes and plays strangely.

I honestly dont know how it worked the few times it has.
[quote author=zoso955 link=topic=1477.msg6870#msg6870 date=1167382560]
i downloaded DFD, and i set the reserved voices to 248 because when i tried setting it to 256, it would change to 248 after i opened it again.

Did you click the ";apply"; button?
What do you have Finale's Midi-Input set to?
i have it set to none

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