finale 05 and VDL probs

i downloaded the full score template thing for finale 05. 

i have VDL2 running in the backround, and i have all the midi stuff set up. but i have no midi keyboard

anyone using finale know how i can assign the right snare sound to the single line they give for the snare? when i manually enter a note, it doesnt come up with the snare sound i want.

im sure its the regular snare RH/LH hit...ive been working for sometime now tryin to figure it out...if its really basic, im sorry for wasting time
Sorry about the grammer etc.  I realize that you need to make things clearer here.  I am new to using MIDI and working with it.  And especially new to making it work with notation programs.  I am still used to the concept of writing on paper ;)

Thanks for the links, I am trying out the virtual midi keyboard and I will just mess around with it all so I can get started with VDL2

thanks again Jim.
If you aren't going to use a midi keyboard, things may take longer for you. There are a few software alternatives to the midi keyboard that will allow you to enter notes via an on-screen midi input device. This would probably be your best option in lieu of a MIDI keyboard. Check out the FAQ [b][url=]here.[/url][/b]

PS - If you decide to post in the future, please take an extra moment to ensure your message is more easily readable. I had a tough time sifting through your missing punctuations and capitalization. Text message lingo won't be met with a very warm response here since written details are important to receive good help. Check this:
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