MIDI Troubles

Hi, guys.

I was referring to Jesse's tutorial on how to make exceptional audio recordings using the VDL:2 sound bank.  I am using Finale 2006 and I followed everything as noted in the tutorial on Tapspace.  I am using Sony Acid Pro 6.0 instead of Cubase SX, but I find that when I save the front ensemble and battery parts (both sections are saved as seperate MIDI files) as MIDI files they are playing back much faster on Acid than what was actually written on Finale.  The piece I have only changes tempo twice and I've placed the tempo markings designated for playback in Finale, but it persists in playing faster in ACID.

I've tried to save the files as WAV files, but my comp only has a 1 GB of RAM, so the sounds drop out.

Can anyone help me out with this problem?
You need to set the tempo changes again in Acid.  Some DAW programs won't automatically import the tempo data from a MIDI file as a safeguard.
When I first started on the file, I did the entire process outlined in the tutorial and it worked just fine.�� ACID noted all the changes and everything.�� Yet, once I had completed the file in both the battery and front ensemble sections and I saved them as MIDI files it's reading them differently.

I did change the tempos in the program, but the audio results do not sound the same when they are played in Finale.�� The pitch of the snare drum differs from what it actually is, as if it's been warped.�� I am certain there's a more concise way to explain my problem, but I was able to manage before and I am positive I've done nothing different.

Any other takes on this problem?�� I know most of you probably use Cubase or Sonar, or whatever else, but the help would be greatly appreciated.�� I even went ahead and started a new file using the template and it still provided the same results when I opened the MIDI in ACID.
Ok, well I went ahead and got Cubase and it's much easier :D.

My only problem now lies with the fact that when I save the instruments such as Synthesizer and other electronics as a MIDI file there's no sound at all, even when I open the file in Cubase.

Help anyone?

My Finale is configured for MIDI IN: USB Audio Device, MIDI OUT: Microsoft GS WaveSynth
Have you assigned your VST Instruments for your Cubase Project?  You would then have to assign your MIDI Out for each track to be the specific VST that you would like that track to use.  That is found on the left side of the Project window for each track. 

You would load your Midi Devices by going to the Devices Menu -->VST Instruments.  A window will pop up and you would select your VST Instrument from the drop down menu for each slot (however many you would like to use).
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