Cymbal Key Velocity Problems

I am using VDL2 on a PowerMac G5 with 2.5 gig RAM and Finale 2006.

I am using some cymbal sounds as effects in Layer 3 of my snares. I have tried balancing the volume/key velocity of the cymbal parts, but they do not change. I used both the mixer in studio view, and turned the volume down to 1, and also tried assigning an expression to set key velocity to 1, neither works for any value, the volume is always the same.

I know cymbals can play softer & louder, why would VDL2 not be able to perform different dynamics in it's cymbal patch?
Do you mean the cymbal sounds that are included in some of the VDL snare instruments? Or are you referring to a different VDL cymbal instrument that you've assigned to layer 3 of your snare staff? Also, which version of the VDL2 library are you using? Currently version 1.5 is the latest. You can tell if that's the one you're using if there's a folder above the 'accessories' menu listing when you click the ";Load"; button in VDL. If you don't have the current library, try updating it by grabbing it at:

If it's a specific VDL instrument that isn't responding correctly, please specify and I can look further into it.
I am using the ";Cymbal Line All (MW)"; on a separate and exclusive midi channel and put it into Layer 3 of the snare part.  I'm using Library 1.5
Thanks for the extra info. Couple more questions.

Does the snare instrument properly respond to velocities?
Which specific cymbal sounds within the [i]Cymbal Line All (MW)[/i] instrument are giving you problems? Have you been able to determine if it's just certain sounds that exhibit this behavior, or is the entire instrument not responding to velocities? Also, since you're using the [i]Cymbal Line All (MW)[/i] instrument, what do you have the mod-wheel controller set to? (to determine whether it's 16";, 18";, or 20"; cymbals that are giving you problems).

If it's the entire instrument, that would lead me to believe you have something set in Finale that is bypassing velocity control. But I'm not certain if that's even possible.
The snare is working fine (snareline full (MW)) and responds to all velocity changes. The sounds i am attempting to use are tap choke (F2), Crunch Choke (Ab2), and Hi-Hat Choke (Bb2). I haven't set the mod-wheel, so i assume it's at 60 by default which is the 18";. But i did write other cymbal sounds from the Cymbal Line All, and none of them are reacting to velocity instructions.

Everything else (all the other instruments so far, snares/basses/keyboards, etc.) i have used work fine.
Thanks again for the extra specifics. I've looked into this and the velocity actually works, but you're right. It's not nearly obvoius enough to notice and would warrant being called a bug. It will be fixed in the next VDL2 update.

If this is killing your creative juices, please send me a PM and I'll see what I can do to get you a rough fix that you can use in the meantime.
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