Bass Drum Notation

Hey everyone.  I am on a PC, 1 GB RAM, Finale 2006 and I have a question regarding the bass drum notation.  I am using the Finale 2006 template and when I enter the keys for Bass 6 or the LH of 2 or 3, it's not written as an actual note and doesn't play when I playback the file.

Any help?  The rest of the normal sounds on the F A C E spaces work fine.

I've checked the template and can not find the problem you have described. Are you using and type of midi keyboard for note entry? Also, which bass drum map are you[hr]using when the problem occurs?

Ted Boliske
I have encountered the same problem!  The majority of the notes appear below the staff and do not playback.

I'm using Finale 2006, the updated template .0.9.7, the bass line lite library and Windows.


Carl, who prefers Sibelius
If you:
1.) go to the Staff Tool
2.) Double-click the first measure of you BD staff
3.) click the SELECT button by Notation Style: Percussion
4.) [b]What is the Percussion Map that is selected here?[/b]
5.) Click Edit when highlighting that percussion Maps
6.) Click All Named Notes
7.) Click DONE, SELECT, OK

Also you will want to make sure that the Percussion Map you have selected is matching the Sound you have chosen to load.
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