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Can anyone drop in their two cents on the best hand-held wav or mp3 recorder on the market? I'm looking for something that will allow me to record rehearsals, students and maybe even concerts (for posterity, not necessarily reproduction), etc....

I've heard that iPods have a recording function on them but as of right now I'm pretty much stupid when it comes to iPods...

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

The 30/60/80GB video-enabled iPods and the 2nd Generation iPod nanos all have the ability to record Redbook audio quality sound (44.1KHz, 16 Bit, just like a standard CD) with an adaptor such as the XTreme Mac MicroMemo, the Griffin iTalk, or Belkin TuneTalk.�� I use the MicroMemo and love it; it has a flexible mic that works well (even in the rain. . .long story) that can also be removed for any 1/8"; stereo audio input, whether from another mic that you prefer, a line out from a mixing board, or whatever.��

They all record in WAV format, and when the iPod is plugged back into your computer, the files will be transferred from the iPod into a playlist in iTunes.�� You can then edit the file in GarageBand, Logic, etc., or whatever PC users are using these days just like any other file.

Some previous models of iPods have recording capability, but not at such a high quality; 1st generation nanos are not able to record.��

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me directly.


They go a lot cheaper than list if you look around.

A warning about ipods...  they aren't designed to record.  The attached mics that are sold won't allow for anywhere beyond a good voice recording, unless something new is out.

But if you want any piece of mind, look for solid-state recording.  (No ";moving"; parts, like a hard drive.)
The MicroTrack 2496 from M-Audio works great.  I have used it and it offers great sound quality recordings.  I would recommend this one.
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That's definitely the sort of thing I'm looking for, but I'm trying to get a lower price. And I totally agree about the necessity of solid-state recording. Am I just trying to get too much with too little money?

We'd like to get two recorders and not spend over $600 or so (combined)...
Ebay has them for roughly $300 each.  Search around - like I said; you can find a bargain if you need to.
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Ebay has them for roughly $300 each.�� Search around - like I said; you can find a bargain if you need to.

Thanks -- we found them for $325 on Amazon and were able to buy two.
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