Congratulations Bill Castillo!

Howdy everyone!

I read on the DCI website today that Bill Castillo has been
named to the staff of Capital Sound.  Sounds like a capital idea!
Please pardon the pun--could not help myself.  The corps is fortunate to have
Bill as a part of its educational staff.  The students and
staff will benefit greatly from Bill's involvement in the
program.  Congratulations, Bill!  We're proud to see
a fellow VDL'er doing so well! 

Take care!

Coming from you those words mean a lot to me.

I've had the gig for over a month now, but the announcement got lost in the starting of their new website and just got found the other day.  I didn't even know there was an official announcement until a friend emailed me congratulating me.  I must admit, it's a bit daunting to see your name on DCI's home page.

I am nervous and excited about writing for Cap Sound.  Nervous because this is my first corps writing gig and I guess you always doubt yourself at first.  But, they have faith in me so I have faith in myself.  I'll be at their camp next weekend hearing my music come to life finally.

I'll keep everyone posted (if you care).
Congrats Bill!!!!!
Congrats Bill.  Nice pub on!

Congratulations, Bill!!  Good luck this summer.  Cant wait to hear it.
Glad to see the news is finally public. Indeed a hearty congrats to you Bill!
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