Congratulations Bill Castillo!

Howdy everyone!

I read on the DCI website today that Bill Castillo has been
named to the staff of Capital Sound.  Sounds like a capital idea!
Please pardon the pun--could not help myself.  The corps is fortunate to have
Bill as a part of its educational staff.  The students and
staff will benefit greatly from Bill's involvement in the
program.  Congratulations, Bill!  We're proud to see
a fellow VDL'er doing so well! 

Take care!
Glad to see the news is finally public. Indeed a hearty congrats to you Bill!
Congratulations, Bill!!  Good luck this summer.  Cant wait to hear it.
Congrats Bill.  Nice pub on!

Congrats Bill!!!!!

Coming from you those words mean a lot to me.

I've had the gig for over a month now, but the announcement got lost in the starting of their new website and just got found the other day.  I didn't even know there was an official announcement until a friend emailed me congratulating me.  I must admit, it's a bit daunting to see your name on DCI's home page.

I am nervous and excited about writing for Cap Sound.  Nervous because this is my first corps writing gig and I guess you always doubt yourself at first.  But, they have faith in me so I have faith in myself.  I'll be at their camp next weekend hearing my music come to life finally.

I'll keep everyone posted (if you care).
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