Recording from Audacity

Alright....I finally have everything working great - Kontakt 2 is working with Virtual Drumline and Sibelius and I have a great file ready to record.  Now, when I go into audacity, I only have 2 input options, the microphone (which is live sound) or built in input - which does not seem to read the sibelius file.  I am on a new macbook with the soundcard it came with.  Any ideas on how to get this to record the sound coming out of my sound card?
Since you're using a Mac, I'm not sure Audacity will do this automatically. It's a cool program for editing, but may have some more flexibility for PC users. I found this topic on their FAQ pages:

I can speak from experience on WireTap Pro being very cool, and very simple. Personally, I like it better than Audio Hijack.

With Audacity on the Mac, you might also try connecting a cable from your headphone port to your microphone port, and select ";microphone"; as the input option. If you decide to do this, you might also need to check that ";line in"; is selected as your default input device in Audio MIDI Setup. This may not be the best way to do it, but it may work better than what you've experienced so far without having to spend extra dollars.
Thank you so much!  Wiretap Pro is awesome! 
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