Brass and VDL2 concurrent playback using Finale2007

Using Finale2007, I'm trying to add VDL2 drum parts to Sibelius-composed brass parts.  The Sibelius brass parts have already been converted to MIDI file and loaded into Finale, which is fine.  I've also added the snare-quad-bass staves to the score and loaded the VDL2 perc maps.  But now I am stuck trying to get Finale to playback the brass sounds and VDL2 sounds concurrently.

-Since all the brass parts used channel 1-16, I put my battery parts starting with channel 17.
-MIDI input is my MIDI cable to my MIDI keyboard; base channel = 17.
-MIDI output is SmartMusic SoftSynth 1; base channel = 1.
-When MIDI -> ";Play Finale through Native Instruments VST"; is checked, VDL2 plays the sounds just fine, but brass sounds are NOT heard.
-When MIDI -> ";Play Finale through Native Instruments VST"; is UN-checked, brass sounds are played just fine, yet VDL2 sounds are NOT heard.

What do I need to do to make Finale play VDL2 sounds and brass sounds concurrently?

Appreciate anyone's help!  Thanks!
FINALLY!  Sometimes it's the simplest things...

My VDL2 Audio Setup soundcard was set to something else instead of my regular soundcard.  VDL2 and Finale brass sounds play concurrently now.  Wow.  Oh well, I learned a lot about how to set up everything by going through this exercise.  This is valuable knowledge for the future.

Thank you both for all your help!
:)  Sometimes the simple things get us.  That's great to hear that you have it working now.  Glad we could help.  This will be a good topic to  look back on and refer to in the future.
What were your settings there, V-Fan.  This will help us get some information for an FAQ or a Sticky.
In VDL2 Soundcard Setup:

DS Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit
7 ms
AH.  Finale uses 2-chan, 16-bit rather than 24-bit.  This could have been the cause.  But it may still work.  A lot of times on Macintosh if teh audio settings are not 2-ch, 16bit and other audio devices are used it will change Finale settings, and not allow you to hear anything at all, and sometimes give error messages.
Oh, I thought you meant what my NEW settings were.  Sorry.  The sound card setting I had when I couldn't hear the sounds was ASIO, 44100, Premiere Elements Windows So...., latency = ";--";.  So you must've been right about the PRM.dll file...because the error comes back when I select ASIO and Premiere El...

Bottom line: DirectSound works real nice for me.  A latency of 20ms is well-balanced too (I played around with it a bit!).
Ok then it was most definitely that Adobe product being chosen then.
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