No. 1 Sound Recorder

I have been told the No. 1 Sound Recorder can be downloaded and used to create wav files of the VDL2 charts in Sibelius.  I have attempted to download this program (and paid the money), but it does not completely download.  Has anyone else experienced this problem, or does anyone have any helpful hints?  The emails I have sent to have not yielded a response.

Hmm - I'm not sure I've heard of this and not sure I could be of much help. If it's early enough to stop the payment on that item, you might find Audacity does everything you need it to do, plus it's free.

In the meantime, be persistent with them and hopefully you'll hear from them soon.
Thanks, I will check out the audacity site. 
I had the same problem. No one responded to my emails afterward, either.

Audacity is pretty SWEET though!

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