Moving Virtual Drumline 2 from one computer to the other

I just recently got a laptop and I'm trying to put my VDL:2 on it because there wasn't enough room for it on my desktop computer. I keep looking for a place to re-register it but the only thing I can find about registering it is when i first bring it up.  It reminds me that I must register it within x amount of days bfore it quits working, but it doesn't have anywhere that I can click to register it.  This may seem stupid, but can anyone please help?  I am willing to take it off of the other computer due to the fact it won't work there.

In your VDL2 program folder, you'll see a little application called ";Registration Tool."; This is what you should use to authorize VDL2 on your new machine.
You just beat me to it Jim (if I may call you that). I like the warning while someone else has posted by the way. Efficient touch! Peace...
Thanks I got it.
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