Anybody have trouble with VDL:2 being recognized by Logic Pro

I have a dual 2.0 G5 with 2 gigs of ram. Logic Pro 7.1 is my DAW of choice. I installed program VDL:2 and the AU as will as the VST components under the the custom install. When I open Logic, select an audio instrument track, select the pull down menu, I don't see VDL:2 in that area. Not under Mono, Stereo or multi. I looked in the Library folder on my harddrive and went to the audio folder> I see the VDL component and the VST where they are supposed to be. I can also open the stand alone option. Should I re-install without the stand alone option, just the AU?
If you havern't already, first be sure to update your VDL2 Kontakt Player to version 1.8.3 (available free from NI, or just go to: That's not likely the problem, but it's best to be current.

Most likely you just need to validate the AU. Logic has an AU validation manager (it's a small application that you can launch from one of the Logic menus...can't remember which off the top of my head). Once this has scanned any installed AUs and validated them, you'll see it appear as a VI on any audio instrument tracks.
This is a bit of a stretch, but would anyone who is fairly comfortable with Logic Express (I am running 8.0.1) be willing to give phone-tech support to me? I have been having issues, where only the first track loaded into Logic gives a playback. For instance:

ch.3-Bass Drums

Only the snare voice will play back. Now if I ONLY load a tenor voice, that will play back (its very strange, but I am sure a stupid user error is the problem).

I have been on the phone with logic tech support a few times, and the gentlemen who works there can't nail it down. Anyway, help would be appreciated from the geniuses here!


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