Virtual MIDI Cables

Just a quick question.  I downloaded both the midiox and cables.  only the midiox actually installed.  I restarted the computer to complete the installation for the one like it told me to, but afterwards there was no notification and when I searched the computer for it, it wasn't there.

MIDI-Ox, on the other hand, just didn't work.  I downloaded it, installed it, then tried to set it as the output device in FINALE, and it wasn't there.  Can anyone help?

They're two different pieces of software, but they do the same thing. If Maple has been working well for you, stick with it.
this question is pretty old, so hopefully someone sees my request.

i have been using Maple Midi cables for the entirety of having VDL, but i just found a pdf file on tapspace saying i need to used Midi Yoke. Is there a difference, or is it just the name? Are Yoke cables less choppy, easier to use. etc?, or would i be creating too much work for myself to change it?
Thanks Jim and Coach!  I am one of those few who initially made the mistake of trying MIDIOx.  If I have any more questions I'll let you know! 

Coach is right. Thanks for helping to explain that! Maple Midi and Midi Yoke do the same thing, so if you manage to see Marble based on Coach's clarification above, you can ignore the comment below

Regarding MidiOx - From reading the initial post I figured it might be worth clarifying that MidiOx is [i]not[/i] a virtual midi cable. There is a website where you download [b]Midi Yoke[/b] (the virtual midi cable). Their website can be a little confusing, and I know a few others have mistakenly downloaded a program called MIDIOx...which isn't what you need.
Maple Midi (which is the Virtual Midi cable from has a version that will run in Standalone, but most likely you just installed the Virtual Midi Ports.  These would only show up in the Programs that would use these.  For Example, In Finale, when you go to the Midi Menu -->Midi Setup, you would See ";Maple Midi In port 1"; (or whatever port you needed) in the Midi In dropdown menus and ";Maple Midi Out port 1"; in the Output dropdown menus.  These would also show up in your VDL2 Midi Settings.

S0 - without the Maple Midi standalone you would not see that this is running as it is not a separate program that runs.  I have some screenshots here that can show what it would look like.

Maple Midi showing up in Finale:


I hope this clarifies.
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