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i wanted to make a new score for the battery, but have it in a jazz handwritten like style. but when i make the score and reset all the channels and stuff for VDL2 i dont get the normal sounds on the staff. is there anything else i need to do?

You will get a lot more assistance on this forum if you provide at least the following information:

[li]finale or Sibelius?[/li]
[li]Midi Keyboard for entry or mouse?[/li]
[li]RAM (computer memory)[/li]

VDL has templates that are provided on t his website at [url]https://www.tapspace.com/updates[/url].  these templates include all the percussion mappings that you would need for your documents in either Finale or Sibelius.  When creating a document that is new and not from these templates you would need to save those Libraries and percussion maps from the templates and load them into the new files.

If you are simply creating a new file that doesn't have these libraries within the file because you have not loaded those libraries/house styles, etc. (not too familiar with Sibelius anymore)  :O  then you wouldn't be hearing the preoper sounds all the time and it wouldn't look correct.
Sibelius, not midi keyboard, and i dont know
This is a rather basic concept.  You're saying that you make a new score, and change the channels, etc.  However, you're not spending the hours it would take to create all of the note mapping that makes the templates work.

Instead, open the template, and then change the template to a ";jazz/handwritten"; style.

And Coach is right -- you would do well to offer us a little help.  We try to help, but making people guess at what's wrong is very frustrating.

Additionally, you will probably find every answer you've asked thus far in the FAQ.  Check it out first, and if you still have questions, then ask.  Those on here cannot read your mind -- details, sir.  Details.
I concur. No disrespect intended Michael, but your posts are not written in a way that will encourage people to give you helpful assistance - [i]which is what this forum is for![/i] For this reason, there is a simple listing of [b]Forum Guidelines[/b] that we kindly ask the community to follow. These are basic rules of courtesy.

Please view Forum Guidelines here:

Communicating here is not like text messaging. The forum is here to be a continual resource for the community. But it won't encourage professional communication if members have to decypher and guess. If this means taking an extra moment to capitalize your sentences, and check your grammar and spelling, it would be a good start. If you [i]do[/i] need to ask questions (once you've taken some time to utilize the search features of the forum), being thorough with the details about your situation will help as well. So this may take you a few extra minutes. Don't expect good help if people can only guess.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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Forum guidelines can be found at:
Coach was right...

Go to https://www.tapspace.com/updates/ for the templates if you don't already have them...
Go to https://www.tapspace.com/support/faq/ for most of your questions...
Go to https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1410.0 if you need help on posting...
Go to page 457 in your Sibelius manual, or search ";Changing music font"; in the help system.

Good luck.
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