Sound Blaster Audigy/Finale 2006 problems

I have VD1 and Finale 2006.  I am having problems with the sounds working in Finale, and ive tried lots of things but I just dont know what to do.  Here is a picture that may help, sorry that this isnt more specific [img][/img]
What's wrong?  What are we looking at?  What have you tried? 
[img][/img]  Sorry I guess the image didn't load if that pic doesn't work here is a link  I have loaded the soundfonts into the soundfont bank program and i think i've set up the midi setup in finale right. hopefully this helps more?
The picture is there -- are you getting any sound at all?  Do other soundfonts work?  What have you tried to do so far?  The picture is helpful if you provide more context. 
I cant find option for editing my message so here is a better description of my issue. the image i posted shows my midi setup in finale and what i have set, and there are several snapshots of the soundfont bank manager application that i added.  This is the software that came with my SoundBlaster Audigy.  I have loaded the Virtual Drumline Small soundfont into it and made the Creative SoundFont Synth my Default Soundfont device.  I have also set this as my midi out in finale. I dont know what else to do to make this work on my computer. I am not getting any sounds in finale.  I have used another drumline soundfont out called drumcorps 1.2 i believe and it worked but that was before i had the soundblaster and i just loaded it into finale in the soundfont synth settings.
Do you have any other options besides 'Creative SoundFont Synth"; in Finale?  I think that soundfont is from creative and not the VDL1 soundfont.  Other than that, its all about channels.  You have to make sure your channels for each instrument coincide with the channels you have the VDL1 soundfonts loaded into.

- OT
When you load an instrument into the bank as you have here with the Soundfont Bank Manager, and you click on the keyboard for the SBM, do you get the correct sounds coming through your speakers?

In other words, can you make VDL sounds without Finale?
Yes, I can make the sounds without finale.  The other options in the midi out in finale are default midi output device, Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth, and Soundfont Synth 1-8
In your SoundFont Bank Manager, click the button on the right side ";MIDI Devices"; - then under ";SoundFont Device";, what are your options?
Since I see 6 staff lines back there, here's a basic question...  did you use the template, or did you just create an unmapped, normal new score?
The only option under SoundFont Synth is the Creative sound font synth.  and i did the setupwizard and picked marching instruments. sorry if im not much help im new to all of this but i really appreciate the help!
Bingo!  We have a winner.

The mismatch is actually simple -- you'll find that if you use the appropriate template, you have drum mapping in it.  That's what allows a x note on the snare line to correspond with d#2 as an example.  Download the template from the tapspace site, and open that.  Your problem should be resolved.  If not, let us know.
Alright, check this out:

You need to have an input device for your Creative SoundFont Manager.  It was faded in the picture, which means you don't have one.  If you do a search in the forum, I'm sure you can find ";Midi Yoke"; virtual cable.  Note: (This is a process used for VDL:2, but I just tried it on my machine, and it worked).

Once you install this ";Virtual Midi Cable";, you need to set your output device in Finale as ";MidiYoke:1"; (or any number as long as they are the same).  And set your input device in your Creative SoundFont Manager as the same ";MidiYoke:1";.  Set your channels to the right numbers (off the top of my head - SD - channel 1, Tenors - 2, BD - 5, and Cymbals - 7).

I gotta go, but I'll check back on this later - good luck!

- OT
the template idea did not work  so ill try the midi yoke thanks for your help guys il let you know in a few if ive figure it out
I think you're going to find you need to do both...
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