Sound Blaster Audigy/Finale 2006 problems

I have VD1 and Finale 2006.  I am having problems with the sounds working in Finale, and ive tried lots of things but I just dont know what to do.  Here is a picture that may help, sorry that this isnt more specific [img][/img]
yeah i meant to say i was going to do the midi yoke as well sorry
well ive installed the midi yoke and used the template from tapspace.. i can now hear the sounds but they arent like on the right notes.. like when i try and a quad part there is no sound but if i select the note that i wrote and press up and scroll through the notes or whatever i hear notes but they should be on the right spaces, f, a , c , e and they arent at all.. im guessing my channels arent set up right in my programs but im not sure how to do that? sorry im causing such a problem
Which template did you use?
the one on the virtual drumline 1 support page
You can check to see which instrument is on a particular channel in your Creative SoundFont Bank Manager:

Click the ";Preset"; Button on the top left and you should see:  ";[001] SNARES SCV MED"; (or small), next line ";[002] TENORS SCV 1 MED";.  This is telling you that Snare Drum sounds are triggered on channel 01, and Tenors on channel 02, etc.  After you know which instrument is on a certain channel, then you can set your channels for each instrument in Finale accordingly.

- OT
Still no luck and ive been monkeying with this all day. ugh
Do you have an update?  Can you list what you've done, step for step, to fix it?
Ok here it is from scratch

I open finale 06, open the VD template (VDLTemplate_v2.1)
I next open up the SoundFont Bank Manager.
I load the small virtual drumline soundfont into the bank manager.
I then go to midi devices select my midi in as MidiYoke 1 and my soundfont device as creative sound font synth
Now I go into finale and make sure the midi out is the creative soundfont and the midi in is the midi yoke 1.
I check the channels in the sound bank and in finale making sure they match. Write something press play and it doesnt have any playback
I don't know if this will help or not but in the Sound font settings in the midi setup it says that the Current sound font is synthgms.sf2
flamaflam -

Don't give up, we've still got some options:

You want the loaded soundfont to be ";VDRUMLINE SMALL.sf2";.  The ";synthgms.sf2"; is your general midi soundset.  Make sure the VDL soundfont file is loaded AND selected as your current soundfont in Creative SoundFont Bank Manager.
Now, From what you said earlier, it sounds like you had VDL sounds working with Finale, they were just in the wrong spaces.  Try these options.

First, go to the VDL:1 support page here:
Scroll down to the heading ";USING SOUNDFONT PROGRAMS WITH FINALE OR SIBELIUS"; (orange text).  Use ";Click Here"; for whichever operating system you have.  Read what is has to say (your MidiYoke is the same thing as 'MarbleSound Midi Port 1' that they talk about). 

Make sure you check all the FAQ's about VDL, watch the video, and search the forum for answers to questions and general knowledge.

If nothing else, (since you have sounds, but incorrect mapping) you can correct the mapping manually through the ";Notation Style"; setting in ";Staff Attributes";.
(Reference for that info: )
Check the finale website and your Finale manual on how to do that (I don't use Finale).

I know this can be frustrating, but stick with it, it can work.

Hope this helps...
- OT
OK, this might be a record for necro-thread resuscitation. Since it's more than 7 years later, can we get some context? Are you still using SoundFonts, Finale 2006, and VDL1?
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I think it's spam. Look at his other post - totally irrelevant.

The admin removed it, all better now. ;D
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