Finale 2003 and playback problems

hey guys. i recently bought a new laptop and installed my copy of VDL2 on it. it has better specs than my last machine, but when i try to playback some pretty complicated parts in the music, finale freezes. after i close the program, finale wont open back up. could this be cpu related or is it a setup problem? thanks.
Rock on guys! Thanks for offering all the expert help!
So you can use Finale 2003 with VDL 2? I got it as a gift and still haven't hooked it up yet (I need to go out and buy a midi interface cable) and I have Finale 2003, and the instructions only tell you about 2004-2006. There's no difference?
Yes, you can use Finale 2003 with VDL. However, the Finale 2003/VDL template offered by Tapspace (containing all mappings and staff styles) is not guaranteed to be completely reliable. Since Finale 2003 is quite old now, the VDL templates were created on newer versions of Finale, not completely reliable in terms of backward compatibility. If the percussion maps don't work properly for you, you do have the option of creating your own, though it could be quite time consuming. Finale templates can be downloaded (free) from:
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