This is becoming very difficult for me... Help please.

Okay, I'm trying to run VDL2 with Finale Printmusic, but I'm having trouble with the play back. I've set the MIDI channels to where they need to be, and set my synthesizer as my MIDI input, but my MIDI Thru isn't giving me the window shown in the manual, nor is anything after that particular step (basically page 23 on the manual is where it stops applying to me...). If anyone could explain what I do now in 15-year-old-kid-with-Finale Printmusic terms, that would be great!
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I've never used Printmusic, but I know it has many more limitations than what you get with Finale. Check out the starter topic about Finale Printmusic and Allegro listed in the Tapspace FAQ located [b][url=]here[/url].[/b]

With any of this stuff, try to be patient. You're likely learning a whole new set of skills, so try to pick up various bits of terminology as you go. This will ultimately help you be able to understand what questions to ask, as well as how to most effectively search the forums for answers.

In the meantime, you might start planning on saving your pennies for the full version of Finale or Sibelius as they'll ultimately be able to give you more flexibility without the limitations.
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