Way COOL, Neal!

Everyone should check out this month's issue of the Percussive Notes with an article by Neal Flum!

Well written and very informative. The mp3 available on the PAS website must be VDL:2, right? Very hip exercise!

[quote]the left coast[/quote]

Hilarious.�� I always call it that, too.�� 'Course I am from a very red state!!
GREAT article Neal!!!!
I second that... cool exercise Neal - good article.  Well done.

- OT


I am honored and humbled that you took
the time to offer such kind words.  Actually,
the version of [i]Southie Dave [/i] they included in
[u]Percussive Notes [/u] was not the version
I had wanted published.  I took last year's piece
and made some changes that, hopefully,
improved the piece.  If you are interested, please
let me know and I'll e-mail you the updated version of
[i]Southie Dave[/i]. 


Again, thanks for the kind words!

Haven't received our copy yet out here on the left coast, but we'll be looking forward to checking out your article here Neal. Congrats!
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