diddles and volume markings

instead of having to put in 32nd notes every time i want to put a diddle into my music, i was wondering how u put the tic mark or whatever its called into the 16th not bar? and i have no clue how to put volume markings in either... totally confused need help....
This is a question best answered by your notation software manufacturer.

You can access Sibelius' website at www.sibelius.com and Finale's site at www.makemusic.com.  If you don't have an account for their forums yet, it takes only a second to create on.  All you need is your serial number and registration information for the program.
Finale's support site is [url=http://support.makemusic.com]http://support.makemusic.com [/url] to send a support case, and [url]http://forum.makemusic.com/[/url] for the online user forum.
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