OT - Finger chops

I used to think I had decent finger chops...
I saw this guy at NAMM and he's very talented, and fascinating to watch.


That reminds me of this: http://www.prodikeys.com/products/prodikeys_DM/watch/5_Drums_Low.wmv

Yet, somehow your guy is much cooler...
Even cooler, he's just doing this on an old fashioned drum machine. He said he's been using the same unit like this for 16 years.
That's not easy to do lol.

The pads, especially on older models, arn't very responsive.

Good find.
someone needs to tell that guy they make controller pads now!!!�� ;)
FutureMan, eat your heart out.
GREAT stuff!!!
I've seen that vid before! Very cool - I'm sure it's even better in person.

I followed the link and then started running through YouTube looking at the ";finger drumming"; tagged videos - I'm sorely disappointed. Bunch of two finger amateurs! I sure we have a strong contingent of finger chops around here that would put them all to shame (except that Haynes guy).

That guy rules.  Check out the vids of him playing acoustic.  He's extremely solid.  Who needs all of those 15 piece kits?  Just use a pad or a small kit and play in the pocket!
Definitely the best I've ever seen on a drum machine.
I know this topic is older, but David ";Fingers"; Haynes has a great ";feel"; for the machine and the music. 
It kinda reminds me of my typing skills...only he's a heck of a lot more musical and interesting to listen to.
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