Recording on Audacity

Ok, I know a topic (and several others) have been started on this, and that many times it has been answered, but I CANNOT figure out how to work Audacity.  I have VDL:2 and Sibelius 3, and I have some stuff ready to put onto CDs or save as WAV/mp3 files.  I know that I can put an audio cord from my output to my input on my computer and record with Audacity, but I don't have that type of cord.  I don't really have the money to go out and get a cord either, so I need to just do it without the cord.  I have Windows XP, and I was wondering if anyone here has ACTUALLY recorded from Sibelius with the VDL2 sounds into Audacity successfully. If you have, or if you're just an expert, PLEASE help me.  I am exhausted.  I installed VDL:2 yesterday and I just need some help on this one thing!  Thanks.

Aaron Barrientos
I don't use Audacity, but here's their help site:
Thanks, I'll try that.
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