Keyboard problems....

I have had Virtual drumline 2 for several months now and it is working great.  Fantastic program.  Today I took it one step further and bought a midi keyboard to use.  I'm having issiues with it working with finale. 

I'm using finale 2005 on Windows XP.  I have a Keystation 88es. 

When i set the MIDI THRU to ";smart"; in finale, and click on a staff using speedy edit, random notes start playing.  For example, I click on the snare staff, and the metronome starts playing randomly.  It aslo doesn't pick up any keystrokes.  VDL2 does pick up the keystrokes, but when I hit a note on my MIDI Keyboard, it only plays whats on channel 1.  Lets say i load up a miramba on channel 1, and snare on channel 2.  Well the marimba sounds great.  But the snare will not play unless i change it to channel 1 and the marimba to 2. 

The settings i'm using are:
MIDI IN-USB Audio Device
in the speedy entry the ";use midi device for input"; is checkmarked.

MIDI Input Interface-Midi Yoke NT:1-ON
MIDI Output-all off

If anybody could help me it would be great.  I hope I included enough information so you all can answer it, if not, just ask for what you need and i'll be happy to find out.


Well, i downloaded a demo of Sebelius 4, and the keyboard works fine with it.  It also works with Finale 2006 on my laptop.  I Uninstalled finale from my computer, and will reinstall it soon.  I'm hoping this will fix the problem. 
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