Converting a .Wav for VDL2

If I wanted to add a sound to my VDL2 Library, how would I convert a wav that I recorded to a .nki?  Am I biting off more than I can chew?
If you're using Kontakt (the full version, not Kontakt Player), you could do this. Kontakt Player is a locked environment and will only play encoded .nki files, so you wouldn't be able to load a personally customized sample into it.

Let us know if there's a simple customization you're looking for. If it's something fairly mainstream, perhaps it's something that can be included in the next library update. No promises, but ideas are always good! :)
Well, I have one of those new H4 Recorders.  You can hook up bass guitars, and other instruments directly into it.  With the music I write for my local indoor group, the bass guitar has a lot of parts that help the music.  I figured I could just record each of his notes and sample them into Kontakt.  (I do have the full version)  This is probably more of a Kontakt issue then, isnt it? 
If you currently have the full version of Kontakt, why not use the bass guitar instruments provided? There are some very good sounds available and in the long run much easier to deal with than recording, mapping and setting up a new instrument.

Ted Boliske 
I concur with Ted.  Any instrument already created is dozens and dozens of hours better than recording your own.  It sounds simple to, but in reality it's not simple.  Once you get everything recorded in, you run a huge problem of making it sound right, balanced, and that all of the samples have appropriate release samples, too.

Not to discourage you; it is a great learning process by rolling your own.  Just be prepared to spend lots of hours and not be totally happy with the end result.  I'm saying this as a guy who did this, and ran into these problems as well.
Thanks for the help.  Looks like I will just use what is there.  Maybe later on the other stuff...
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