Changing Notes On The Staff in Sibelius 4

Hi Folks!  I'm running Sib4 and VDL2.

I have a band template and I'm inputting percussion parts using VDL2.  Everything works fine (I'm adding a concert snare to the band score) but it inputs notes on the E line (way at the bottom).  I still have to input a bass drum part so I need the snare notes to be at the C space.  Does anyone know how to do this?


Hi Mark,

Are you using the Sib4/VDL2 template? If so, there are a variety of 'staff types' which contain percussion mappings for the majority of VDL2 non-pitched percussion instruments. You want to be sure the staff you're entering music into is set to the correct [i]staff type[/i] before entering.
Ok Kewl, I got it!  Thanks a lot Jim!  A few words can solve a ton of problems!
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