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Hey guys. got my computer back from warranty, and so far, so good. this is my school laptop and is much smaller than my main widescreen laptop. i would like to be able to work on VDL2 without my oxygen 8 midi keyboard. are there any digital keyboards out there that would act the same as my oxygen 8? thanks.
By digital keyboard, do you mean onscreen - like a software keyboard? If so check:

Or even cooler, if you are a Mac user, check out VDLmidi:
thanks Jim, thats works great!! now, im able to get the midi keyboard to play the VDL2 sounds when tapped on, but i cant get finale to recognize the keyboard in the midi-input. and also there's no playback. im using the maple midi virtual cable and finale 2003. thanks.

You may want to check that link above for some more information.  The name of the Virtual Midi Keyboard will not be the item that shows up in your Finale Input device, but rather, the Input Device that will show up in your Midi Setup will be the Maple Midi OUT port that coincides with the IN port when you click on the Settings button on your Virtual Keyboard.

The second link is a more detailed setup, and the first is more of my rantings when I was trying it...and excited about it.  :)

I am going to be writing up a setup document that I will post here hopfully by the end of the week about this since there have been a lot of questions regarding this.  I just have not gotten to it yet, but look for it very soon.  It will be a little more clear and with a lot more Screen Shots.
Ive read everything you have written about this virtual keyboard, but i still cant get it to write in finale. in the keyboard, i have it set to maple port 1. in finale, both output and input or set to maple port 1. in VDL2, i have just port 1 turned on. if i hit a note on the keyboard, it will play the corresponding sound,  but it will not write in speedy entry. im very aware of how speedy entry works, so im pretty sure its nothing to do with speedy entry. its acting as if nothing is being input into finale, and that only the keyboard and VDL2 are communicatiing. any ideas?
I am having some family emergencies here so I apologize that I have not gotten the tutorial written yet.�� In Finale only the Midi IN should be the Maple Midi Port�� to match what is in your Settings of your Virtual Midi Keyboard.

If you are using Port 1 for your Virtual Drumline Output then try setting your Virtual Keyboard settings to Maple Midi Port 2 and your Input to that port.�� You shouldn't have those setings crossing over like you have right now.�� You have everything using the same port.


1.) Settings button in VMK to Maple Midi Port (something other than what you are using for your VDL 5)
2.) Finale Midi Input should be the Maple port to match what you chose in your VMK settings (5, etc.)
3.) Finale OUtput would be Maple Midi 1

[b]Midi Input/VMK Settings Output[/b]

[b]Finale Midi OUt/VDL Midi Settings Input[/b]
If this still doesn't work quite yet, switch to SIMPLE ENTRY and enter a few notes and then press your PLAY button.�� You'll hear the notes play.�� Now you will be able to enter notes with Speedy.

If you have to do this step you may have gotten an error message from trying to use a device that was already in use.
I read through the tutorial and the inputs and outputs all match, but when i click ok on the midi settings window in finale, it always says that the device is in use, and then im unable to enter notes in speedy entry. ideas?
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