Sibelius 4 Templates

Okay, the computer at my school uses Sibelius 4, and I'm not exactly sure how I use the templates.I've downloaded them, and when I open it, it just brings a full score up with all of the instruments in it, and I honestly don't know how to use it, I've looked through the manual, but some of the things just aren't making sense, so if someone could please explain,step by step, how to go about using a template in Sibelius? Thankyou, and I sincerely apologize for the ";newbie-ness";..
There is no staff type that I created specifically for marimba.  Just use 5 Line under the Pitched tab.
Anyone that could help, I would greatly appreciate.  I'm using VD2 with Sibelius and I want to add some marimbas to the template.  When I go to ";edit staff types,"; my marimbas along with all of my other keyboard staff types don't show up on the list.  I looked in my library in VD, and all of the sounds including the keyboards are on my computer in the library.  For some reason they are not on the list in the ";edit staff type"; list found in Sibelius.

Of course! Add staves. Delete staves. Everyone's setup is different, and it's easy to just customize the score to whatever you need. The staff types will still exist (look under ";edit staff types";).
Yes or if you use a certain instrumentation all the time you can delete the unwanted instruments and save as manuscript, which will always be available when starting a new score.  ";Deleting staves"; is in your manual.
Okay, I guess what I'm trying to say is...the first time I open the template, do I have to delete all the instruments I don't want in that particular score?
Read the Sibelius manual under ";staff types.";

There is a large block of text on the first page of the VDL/Sibelius template that explains this as well. You select the VDL2 staff type that corresponds to the instrument you are using in VDL2.

You are not clear in your question.  What is confusing you?  The templates are mapped to the keymaps in VDL:2.  Using your keymaps/templates, your music will look and sound correct when used in conjunction with VDL:2.

You should check the Sibelius manual for questions unrelated to using VDL:2.  A basic understanding of Sibelius and how to work within the program is required to use VDL:2.

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