Viewing Individual Parts

I use Sibelius 4 and am having trouble viewing the individual parts from my score.  Oddly enough, the guitar and synth parts show up, but all the VDL2 instruments show the blank blue screen.  What can you guys tell me about this problem?
You wanna post a link to the .sib file?  I've never heard of this before...
Hit the navigation keys ('page up/down' and 'home/end') a few times - I think Sibelius gets confused when switching between the score and parts sometimes.

I've also seen a problem where an instrument won't show up in the parts at all - but that's only happened with instruments I added later, not ones in the original template. I could usually get those to show up by copying the notes, removing the instrument, re-adding the instrument, and pasting the notes.

Hope that helps...
Corey - Thanks man!  Your suggestion helped a lot.  What I did was copy the whole file, create a brand new score and paste the data.  It worked and I can now view the parts.  Kudos!


. . .in Sibelius

In case you find yourself missing staves,
staves disappear, or something similar,
you can highlight the staff or staves
where you are having a problem.

Click on Show Empty Staves
Click on Select ALL and click OK

If staves have been lost or disappeared,
they will return to the page.  This might not
have been the problem you were experiencing,
but for any other folks new to Sibelius like
myself, the above-offered info might help.

Take care!
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