New to VDL2 and need some help

Hey guys im new to this im Ive been teaching 4yrs with a top winning high school drum line and I needed a new kick so I got VDL2. But heres my question. Is there any easier way to enter the notation style for the sounds or do you have to keep moving the not until you find the right one? please if anyone has any comments to help please let me know
A midi keyboard will cure all your ills!  There are many notes attached to the same note line.  Use a midi keyboard and the supplied keymaps to find enter the needed sounds/notes.  Tapspace has midi controllers for sale on the!

Also list which notation program you are using with VDL2. There are templates for both Sibelius and Finale which will make note entry easier to complete.

Ted Boliske
Go to the FAQ Central listed in the General Discussion section. Pretty much everything you need to get started will be there.

List all of your specs (programs you use, computer type, RAM, etc.) if you want anybody to respond. If you don't, noone has any clue how to help you:)
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