VDL:2 Library Version 1.5

I have downloaded the updated library for VDL:2 but I can't figure out how to bring up the updates. I'm running a Windows XP Home Edition with 2 gigs of memory. The only other thing I know is that VDL:2 coonnected to Finale Allegro '05 is the only thing I use the computer for so it has plenty of memory left.
The instructions that are included walk you through the update procedures.
Sorry, just in too bg of a rush to use it to acctually sit down and read things. Thanks!
Um... I followed the instructions but I still can't find the updates.  If the new racks are under something other than combination instruments then I might just be missing it.
OK, I'm going to assume that you didn't have VDL:2 running when you did the update.

If you copied the files that you downloaded in to your VDL:2 Library folder, you shou'd get a replace files message, go ahead and replace the original files.

Do you see the Lib. Version 1.5 when you click on the load button?
I replaced what the instructions said to but I don't see the Lib. Version 1.5 when I click the load button.
Re-read the instructions. You obviously didn't install the library update correctly. It's pretty simple - just replace your old ";instruments"; and ";multis"; folders with the new ones. Where exactly are you getting lost?

Before you ask for more help, give a play-by-play account of what you have done. So far it sounds like you just didn't read the instructions.
Ok here goes:

1. I download the update and save it to my computer
2. I open the folder
3. I open VDL:2
4. I open the PDF titled ";READ ME!"; and read the instructions on how to install the updates
5. I use the search feature on my computer to locate the original Virtual Drumline 2 Folder
6. I open the folder
7. I click on Multis in the update folder and right click it and choose ";copy";
8. I go to original folder and paste
9. The computer shows that there is already a file with this name and asks if I wish to replace it
10. I choose ";yes";
11. I repeat the process for the file titled ";Instruments";
12. I try to load some of the new instruments

I now have the updates in the combination instrumens but there ae no new instruments in the Multis and none of it says Lib. Version 1.5 when I click the load button.  I hate to be a bother but thanks for all the help.
The updates to the Multis are 'under the hood'. As far as looking at the items in the multis folder, they'll look the same as before. If you are seeing new rack combos (combo b, metal combo) in the ";combination instruments"; folder, this means you've successfully installed the instruments folder. It should be obvious by the [b]-Lib. version 1_5[/b] indication in the top of the ";load"; popup menu (see image below). If you aren't immediately seeing the Multis, have you scrolled all the way down in the menu?

I'm immediately seeing the multis and I've tried to scroll up to find the Lib. Version 1.5 but there is none.  I now have the two new combos though (combo B and metal combo)
I'm not sure why that might be. You should probably re-download the 1.5 update at:

-Unzip the file. This gives you a folder.
-In this folder you'll see an [i]Instruments[/i] and [i]Multis[/i] folder.
-Drag both folders into your [i]Virtual Drumline 2 Library[/i] folder, replacing the ones that are already there.

This is essentially all there is to it. I'm not sure what else to suggest...

Good luck!
[quote author=lhstenor link=topic=1564.msg7404#msg7404 date=1171341370]
Ok here goes:

1. I download the update and save it to my computer
2. I open the folder
3. I open VDL:2

I think step 3 is where your problem is.  You want to do the update with VDL:2 (the program itself) closed.  Follow the instructions outlined by Jim --- [i]then[/i] open VDL:2 and you should see -Lib. version 1_5.

Give that a shot and keep us posted!

- OT
I just re-downloaded the update after completely deleting it from my computer (I originally saved it in case of emergency) and tried to install it with out VDL:2 being open and I got the same results.  I seem to have all the updates other than there being a spot in the load area titled Lib.Version 1.5. Thanks for trying though.
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