VDL:2 staves for instruments like timpani and tam-tam (gongs)

I am not able to find a VDL:2 timpani staff.  The only staff I can find that has tam tam is the bass drum/tam tam combo.  Is it possible that I don't have an update, etc., installed?  If this is normal, how do I ";compensate";?

Thanks a bunch,
Not every instrument has a staff associated.  The tam doesn't necessarily have that many sounds assigned.  If you are using Sibelius, create a new staff type for your tam or you can use the BD/Tam staff type.  Timpani is a pitched instrument you should use the standard bass clef staff.  I ave created quite a few staff types for instruments not included with the template/house style.  The great thing is that you only have to create them once and then they are yours forever!

I just wanted to let you know that if you are running Finale you can also ceate a staff but i'm not sure if it's set as premade for all other music written (you might have to re-create the staff for every different song that you write)
You did not state which notation program you're using however, the Finale template has a staff for timpani. Additionally, the  2 Percussion staves can be assigned to any of VDL2's sounds via the Staff Attributes tool. And as has been stated it is possible to add staves to the template and then assign a keymap, also through the Staff Attributes tool.

Ted Boliske
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