wait for updated VDL2 or buy Kontakt 2?

I read in the FAQ central (top 10 questions) that VDL2 may be updated to allow for more than 8 channels of playback - so should I wait (however long it takes) for the updated version of VDL2 or just buy Kontakt 2 to fix this issue? I don't want to spend the money on K2 if the VDL2 update is coming out soon. Does anyone know when, or if VDL2 is being updated? Is it worth buying K2 even if VDL2 is being updated? Thanks for the suggestions.



It depends on what you are using VDL:2 for.  Kontakt 2, the full version, allows for instrument banks of up to 128 instruments on up to 64 channels (assuming your computer can handle it of course). The updated VDL:2 2 will allow you to save multi files, but it will not allow banks.

Yes, there is a VDL:2 update in the works.  There is not an anticipated release date at this point.
thanks, Bill. Sounds like K2 is the way to go. I'd like to have the option of adding many intruments per channel.
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