Basses - RH Unison

I'm finding the RH Unison bass sample to be somewhat underwhelming. Even putting an accent on the note in Finale doesn't give it enough punch.

I like the slash symbol for Unison . . . but I guess I'll have to write out all five tonals on the beat to get the fuller sound. When I hit the five RH Bass hits (minus the highest one) all at the same time, I get more of the sound I'm looking for.

Then I guess I could still edit the staff style and change it back to slash notation, visually.

It may just be the fact that I'm running Finale Allegro '05, but every time I try to put in more than one bass hitting at a time other than unisons, I get these weird combinations like one on a drum and the others on rims.  How are you getting this to work?
I did it by placing each tone for the bottom four basses . . . on the same note, but with each tone in a differnt layer.

It sounded like a great idea when I thought of it  . . . and the five right-hands sound great when played in unison on my keyboard . . . but even with this alternate method I've just described . . . I'm still finding the playback underwhelming. Not the same ";Umpf"; as it has when physically playing the notes in unison on the keyboard.

Oh well . . .

That's one this I miss about the old DS Soundware samples. The basses were great. Booming resonance, and a unison blast via virtual sequencer would part your hair.

But overall, I'm loving VDL:2 . . .

Great idea using different layers.  I'm sorry to say that I don't have an answer to you're question, yet, but don't give up hope.  I'm positive that someone will find this topic and be able to help you and I'll start checking around on my VDL:2 to see if I can figure anything out for you. 
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