Brake Drum Mapping

I have looked in the book, and have searched the forum...I know the break drum sound exists, I see it Kontakt.  However, I do not see a mapping diagram of it.  Have I missed something?  Please help.


The Brake Drums do not have a separate keymap. Instead, they are part of the Metal Rack and Rack A & B keymaps. All of these maps should be listed in the manual depending on when you purchased VDL2.

Ted Boliske
Ted's right. Not every instrument in VDL2 has a printed keymap listed in the documentation. Instruments that aren't as complex didn't make it in due to time and space limitations. Instead, it's usually pretty simple to just load the instrument, poke around on it a bit, and you'll hear what's mapped to which keys.
Ok, that makes sense.  Thanx for your input.

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