Saving as Audio Files

How do I save my music as a .mp3 file?  I save it like I would regularly save a file (one not using VDL:2 for sounds) by clicking ";Save Special..."; and then saving as an mp3. But when I open it on iTunes, it plays lots of piano notes. 

What should I do?


Are you using Sibelius I'm guessing?  If you are, the Save as Audio option will only save the sounds that come with Sibelius.  If it doesn't have the sound, it assumes it is a MIDI which defaults to piano.
This is a common question from people who might just be getting started. There's a topic about it on the FAQ site that should help you learn more.

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If you are using a VST or Audio Unit outside of Finale, you will only hear the MIDI sounds that come with Finale.�� If you are using Virtual Drumline or any other Native Instruments AU/VST within Finale then you will be able to create the WAV file with those sounds.��

If you are just using Midi sounds that come with the program, and have an Intel Mac, your computer is probably using the Quicktime Sounds regardless of what you have chosen.�� Make sure to go into the System Preferences on your Macintosh and click Quicktime.�� Set the Default Synthesizer to MakeMusic GM.��

Just a few suggestions.�� It all depends on how you are using this program.�� More details would help with this.�� As in are you running VDL outside of Finale?�� Inside of Finale with Play Finale Through Native Instruments...?

If you are not particularly having an issue with Virtual Drumline and you are having troubles making an audio file, you may want to check the support system of your notation software to see what might be happening with your file.
thanks everyone! got it figured out!
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