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Completely off topic, but I thought this was cool:

[url=http://www.break.com/index/andy_mckee_amazing_guitar_player.html]Click here[/url]
Check it, the dudes got a cd out called Art of Motion.

I will be having a new cd to listen to soon.
he reminds me of Preston Reed.  Check him out too.


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If only that was available while I was in my jazz analysis classes.

No Doubt!!!  VERY cool stuff.......
If only that was available while I was in my jazz analysis classes.
Here's another good one...

Speaking of interesting ways to play the guitar....
Here is a clip from one of my favorite celtic rock bands. Check out their stuff on youtube, they have a really unique sound. The awesome part happends about 4 minutes into it.

Really great stuff!!  Man, I wish I had those skills on guitar.
One of my students told me about this guy about a week ago.�� I've been listening to this guy everyday for the past week.�� Very cool stuff.�� His cover of Toto's ";Africa"; is amazing.  YouTube has several full length videos of his songs.
That is GREAT!!!
And a very cool song at that!

That was great!  Especially the left hand holding the chord and then going for the slap on the body of the guitar.

Thanks for the link, Jim.
That's cool Jim -- made my day.

Thanks for sharing...

- OT
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