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Completely off topic, but I thought this was cool:

[url=http://www.break.com/index/andy_mckee_amazing_guitar_player.html]Click here[/url]
That's cool Jim -- made my day.

Thanks for sharing...

- OT
That was great!  Especially the left hand holding the chord and then going for the slap on the body of the guitar.

Thanks for the link, Jim.
And a very cool song at that!

That is GREAT!!!
One of my students told me about this guy about a week ago.�� I've been listening to this guy everyday for the past week.�� Very cool stuff.�� His cover of Toto's ";Africa"; is amazing.  YouTube has several full length videos of his songs.
Really great stuff!!  Man, I wish I had those skills on guitar.
Speaking of interesting ways to play the guitar....
Here is a clip from one of my favorite celtic rock bands. Check out their stuff on youtube, they have a really unique sound. The awesome part happends about 4 minutes into it.

Here's another good one...

If only that was available while I was in my jazz analysis classes.
[quote author=FSmith link=topic=1589.msg7669#msg7669 date=1173417336]
If only that was available while I was in my jazz analysis classes.

No Doubt!!!  VERY cool stuff.......
he reminds me of Preston Reed.  Check him out too.


Check it, the dudes got a cd out called Art of Motion.

I will be having a new cd to listen to soon.
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