Drum Set Basic - Map Question - Finale 2007

I'm trying to load the Drum Set map . . .

But in the ";Instrument"; column of the ";Instrument List"; . . . there's no option showing for Drum Set, as there is for the others (such as Bassline, Snareline, etc.).

If I create a New Instrument, what is the channel for Drum Set?

I have the Drum Set samples loaded into VDL:2.


Mark M.
Hi Mark,

You are correct that you'd create a new instrument in the ";Instrument List"; window for this. In actuality, you can set any of these to any channel you like. It's just important that whatever channel this instrument is set to in the ";Instrument List"; corresponds to the same channel you have it set to in VDL. In case you haven't come across this yet, you can set any instrument in VDL to any channel between 1-16 using the MIDI In setting specific to each instrument.
Roger that !

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