Exporting Audio in Sibelius 4 w/ VDL2?

Hello all,

I am new to the sibelius world and VDL2.  I love everything so far.  Here is my dilema:

I am having trouble exporting audio in Sibelius 4 and hearing the VDL2 sounds.  It appears as an audio (wav) is being exported/created but there are no VDL2 sounds.   Since I'm exporting Battery Scores right now, there are no sounds at all. 

The pop-ups read along the lines of 'only staves using kontakt player will record'.  It mentioned setting up the kontakt player carefully before the first use.  I read the handbook and the reference in Sibelius and nothing makes any sense. 

I am a p.c. user, I have a midi keyboard for input, I use Sib. 4 and VDL2.  Please help with the set up so I can export the audio and record the VDL2 sounds to make c.d.'s or send out to employers.  I hope I have given enough information.  Thanks

Thanks for the prompt reply.  I will download that, and get to using the search menu. 


This is a fairly commonly asked question around here -- I know, because I had it at one point! This should help out quite a bit:


The search function is REALLY useful, so when you have a question use it to see if someone has already had your problem.

Good luck!
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