VDL2 and Windows Vista

I am wondering if there are any issues with installation of VDL2 or compatibility with the new Windows Vista operating system.  Does anyone know if there are possible complications?
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Whether or not VDL will work with Windows Vista will rely heavily on Native Instruments implementing Vista support for their Kontakt Player. Currently this is not supported, but certainly will be in the future. Of course, it may run. But until it's officially supported, it might be a bit of a gamble. Keep in mind there's probably more at play here than just whether or not the program is supported. As I understand it, Microsoft has made major changes to the entire Windows audio architecture. This will affect your soundcard drivers as well (which are very important when using virtual instruments like VDL).

So it's hard to say right now when exactly things will be humming nicely on Vista. Intel Macs have been out over a year, and only recently did the NI Kontakt Player become available for those. So we are a bit at the mercy of NI's development abilities. Something of this nature may entail considerable re-designing on the software end, so for now, it'll be a bit of a waiting game. It may be adviseable to stick with XP for a while if you can.

We'll be sure to share the ";official"; word when it becomes available.
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