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Tap Space Tech Support,
      I have had problems running VD2 with finale 2006 on my old Mac G4 despite updating to 2 gigs of ram.  My processor is just too old and slow.  For this reason, I want to buy a new Mac Pro Desktop.  I know those new intell Macs are blazing fast.  I am looking at buying one and getting it loaded with 2 gigs of RAM.  I have heard that the new intel processors on the Mac Pros have compatability issues with some Software.    I want to make sure that I can run finale 2006 and VD2 in harmony with this Mac  Pro desktop before I spend $2000. I want to know that my files will play smoothly with no cutting out, etc.  I want my files to play and record just as smoothly as Jim or Murray's files when we are at PASIC!  Thanks for your time.  JJ Pipitone 
Hey JJ,

There are several of us on the forums, myself included, that have Mac Pro's.  I'm using a Mac Book Pro with 2 gigs of memory and have had no problems what so ever.  I'm using it with Sibelius, but I've heard of others running Finale smoothly.
Hey JJ! It's me...";Tapspace tech support."; :)

The software compatibility issues you refer to have to do with whether or not a program is released in a ";Universal Binary"; format. Basically, Universal Binary versions will run well on the new Intel Macs as well as the older Power PC Macs. Slowly, all the software is becoming available with UB versions. Finale 2007 is their first universal version, so you'd want to upgrade your 2006 for the best results. VDL2 is not yet universal, but is getting closer (sooner than later, is about all I can say right now). Using 2GB RAM will be great for you. If you can spring for 3GB...better yet, but with all universal versions, and 2GB RAM, you'll be amazed at how much the faster CPU will blow your poor old G4 out of the water. The demos at PASIC were running of a G5 iMac (so this is pre-intel) with 2.5GB RAM. We were pushing it pretty hard, and it was keeping up. Mac Pro will perform even better than that once everything you're using is universal.

Hope this helps. There is an ";official"; statement about the VDL universal version at:

...and if you're end up upgrading to Finale 2007, and need to use VDL before its universal version is available, there's a way you can force things to load under Rosetta. Check here:

Hope this helps. Everything in mac land is going Intel, so that's where you should aim if you're looking to upgrade. All the software and stuff is quickly catching up.

Hope this helps.
Thanks guys.  And thanks for all you do.  I am going to go for it.  I'll be back once I have, for help with the reosetta -no doubt.

After reading your response (Bill), I bought a new Mac Pro!  (I even got the 23"; Cinema display!)  VD2 runs much better now!   
Here is what I have:

  Machine Name: Mac Pro
  Machine Model: MacPro1,1
  Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Xeon
  Processor Speed: 2 GHz
  Number Of Processors: 2
  Total Number Of Cores: 4
  L2 Cache (per processor): 4 MB
  Memory: 2 GB
  Bus Speed: 1.33 GHz
  Boot ROM Version: MP11.005C.B04

I have opened up a finale 2007 file (In Rosetta).  (I have not downloaded any finale 2007 upgrades because I have friends tell me the upgrades make you crash....but I digress)
I still have issues with the file playing back shaky sometimes.  At one point, during this particular piece, I have everyone playing a big hit.  lots of chords/octaves and everyone in the drumline and pit all playing at the same time,.  i have all voices on different channels by loading 2 instances of VD2.  when everyone is playing this big hit, it sounds hollow, distant and distorted all of the sudden.  Almost like it is overloaded from things being too loud.  ???? 
I suspect its the latency, because I had played with it a lot trying to get this file to play back on my old computer.  Can you help me set this thing up right?

In the native Instruments AU Set up of the Midi Menu, There is an ";options box";.  What should all of that be set to? 

Should the Auto Convert Loaded samples to 32 bit be green?

What about the DVD presets?  Should it be set to: normal, high performance, large instruments or small instruments?  (There's about 15 staves)

What about the latency?  What should that be set to? 

Should I be loading everything into RAM? 

I have a 2 Gig Intel Mac Pro with 2 Gigs of RAM.  I should be able to make this file play Seamlessly!  As always, thanks for your help.  I appreciate everything you guys do.

You should not need to use DFD as your computer meets the requirements for RAM. - so if you are using DFD (if it is green) I would click this to turn it off.�� You will also need to reload your piece to reload Virtual Drumline 2.

You may also want to play around with the Polyphony numbers that are just under the name of each instrument sound.

The shaded area indicates where this would be.�� You can click and drag your mouse up or down to raise or lower the number on the right of the ";/";.�� I would try lowering them a bit and see if that helps - especially on instruments like Vibes, Marimbas, Timpani.

I also would not worry too much ab out the Finale Updates.�� Most crashes (about 90% +) were all Windows Related and had to do with a certain version of the vsthost.dll that was in the Finale folder.�� I personally have not heard of too many reports of Macintosh crashes because of the updates.

Here is another post about DFD and RAM
Good morning everyone!

We're thinking of making a switch to the Mac G5.  I
checked the Sibelius website and it offered that Sibelius 4.1
would run using the Rosetta technology.  After reading this
post, is it accurate that VDL2 can be used with Sibelius employing
the Rosetta technology?  I also checked the Kontakt website
and the new Kontakt 2.2 will run on Intel Macs. 

Forgive my ignorance of the technical issues, but if we purchase
the G5's, will we be able, in the meantime, to run VDL2 and Sibelius
using the Rosetta Technology?  If that's a ";go,"; then we can
surely be patient in waiting for everything to switch over to
Universal Binary.  I'll look forward to your comments which
are always so helpful.

Take care!

The latest and greatest version of Kontakt 2 is already UB compatible.  Sibelius 4 is not and from what I've been told it won't be UB until Sibelius 5 comes out.  However, I have had no problems at all running Sibelius 4 and K2 on my Mac Book Pro (with the Intel processor).
Just to clarify,

The Mac G5 is not an Intel machine. It uses the Power PC processor, therefore UB versions of software are not required.

Ted Boliske


I apologize.  I should have properly written Mac Pro
with Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor.  Perhaps that
will help with your and others responses.

Take care!

You'll love the resulsts.  You won't have any problems.  I've tried to find problems and I can't find any.

No problems with the clarification. I was just attempting to make sure that the differences between the 2 models were clear. Especially when needing to purchase software, if there is no need to upgrade then save the money. Regardless, as Bill said you will like the machine and if you've previously worked with Macs then you will notice a big difference on the plus side.

Take care,

Ted Boliske
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