No sound thru playback


I just loaded VD2, put 2GB of new soundcards in my pc, downloaded midi yoke, downloaded templates, and set the midi output through midi yoke.  However, no playback sounds.  What did I do wrong?

Please help.


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I am again having problems with playback.  When I open virtual drumline, I've set the audio as suggested.  However, I cannot set the latency.  It is blank and I've been unable to do anything with it.  Is that the problem?  Also, I am not able to set the routing.  Nothing scrolls down.  It stays at ";not connected";.  I thought I had this working, but now I am back to square one.

You've probably already figured this out, but there is no need to adjust anything in the [i]routing[/i] section of the VDL setup window. Just ignore this section.
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