using midi device with both sibelius/ VD 2 open

In an earlier post, I was having problems with using virtual drumline 2 and sibelius. Now, most things are working except one problem. When I use VD II ";standalone";, I can get the sounds and everything is fine. When I try to use it with sibelius, the audio setup window opens and won't let me set anything on it. Then, when I try to choose a midi device. The device I am trying to use is Delta midi, but it won't let me.

Please tell me what I am doing wrong.


I'm not sure what you have set for your ins/outs in Sibelius and VDL, so it's hard to say. Most likely, you need to properly assign the virtual midi cable (midi yoke) as the output in Sibelius, and the INput in VDL. The only place you'd select Delta Midi is as the INput device in Sibelius.

Check out the flow chart in the Quickstart guide. It basically illustrates this midi path, and is a very important one to understand.
Thanks Jim for all of your help.  One day this will be working excellent for me.

You're very welcome Dennis. I know when I first started getting into all this stuff, it was easy to become overwhelmed. Sharing ideas and information through the forum here will hopefully prove to give you the shortest distance between two points. :)

By the way, I checked out some of the wind ensemble compositions on your site. Great stuff! Can't wait to hear how you start applying sounds from VDL to your workflow. With the abundance of concert percussion sounds available there, it would make a nice case that it's not just about marching stuff.
Thanks Jim. 

One last question.  If I plan on writing a full band composition using certain percussion sounds.  Would I open up the sibelius template (that I downloaded from your site) and add the needed brass / woodwind instrument?  Then, would I go ahead and save it as a different title in my score folder?

I'm still reading the user guide, so the answer probably is in it.

Thanks again,


ps.  I was a former marching member of the Cavaliers (during the dinasour days), and I am happy that you are working with them.  Best of luck and again I appreciate everybodys help.

Dennis - Doing wind/percussion scores, your description is probably the best method. Since there are so many staff types embedded in the VDL template, it's probably easiest to start with that, add your wind staves, then save the result as your own template or ";manuscript paper."; That way, you can assign staff types for any non-pitched VDL percussion mapping knowing it will be quick and easy to add those staff types to your scores without having to worry about rebuilding percussion mapping, which can be quite tedious.

I figured you were a Cavaliers FMM from your screen name. :) Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm still one of the ";new guys";, but am having a great time with the program, and I think there are some great things on the horizon for us. Hope you'll get the chance to see the corps this summer. Things are off to a [i]great[/i] start!

[quote author=Jim Casella link=topic=1613.msg7716#msg7716 date=1173668941]
With the abundance of concert percussion sounds available there, it would make a nice case that it's not just about marching stuff.

That is one of the main reasons I purchased VD2.  I believe the concert percussion sounds are so much better than the ones in the kontact 2.  I look forward to using them.
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