RH FF Bass Unison Playback problem

In logic, or Sibelius or whatever, I have my Full quality Bass drumline patch (not the auto RL) loaded. When I play a RH unison at full velocity (127), every other note is accented. It is rather strange. I checked the midi event list in Logic and took out all midi data but the notes and still had the problem. If I even repeatedly click on a note in the scroll view it still accents every other one played back through the speakers. Any advice?
A little more info. The RH unison with the lite version of the bass line does not accent in the same manner, but the LH unison does.

Powerbook G4
1.25 gigs Ram
Logic Express 7.2.3
Latest Version of Sibelius, VDL2, and Kontakt

Live playback and Performance settings in Sibelius are set so that they don't effect velocity.
Charlie, I'm not sure I'm quite understanding. When you say ";every other note is accented,"; do you mean all the notes on other instruments (playing through other channels)?

If you're working in Logic, you should be able to visually check the velocity settings for each note in the matrix editor (set hyperdraw display to show velocities). If you're looking at the midi event list in Logic, there will still be a velocity attached to each note event (which I'm sure you already know).

If you've manually intervened with the velocity settings of individual notes in Sibelius, you can view these by selecting ";view live playback velocities."; Are you bypassing live playback velocities, or simply not using them?
When All velocities are the same in logic, every other right hand Bass drum unison is accented. If I take a note and just copy and paste it, then play it back, it still does it.
This may be a long shot, but by chance are you working with an older version of the VDL2 library? There were some glitches that caused certain sounds to ";fade";. But those were fixed in library update 1.5 which you can download for free at:

I'm wondering if that might be it. Off the top of my head I can't remember if the BD unisons were one of the affected sounds by this glitch. It may very well be.
I have the latest updates on everything.

I have a similar problem with the Brake Drum. It alternates between a high pitch sample and a low pitch sample. (The bass drum problem is the same sample, just not as loud)
Actually I have the Bass problem at a velocity of 113, at 127 it is fine.
I was having similar issues in Sibelius. I solved the problem though by going into Play -> Performance then under ";Style"; set ";Expressivo:"; to Meccanico. That should fix it.

What was happening is there's a playback ";feature"; of Sibelius that is designed to add a more natural expressive feeling. It (seemingly) arbitrarily sets different velocities to random notes (there could be some sort of algorithm behind it, but it seems random). It's supposed to give some nuance to the music, and makes it less robotic, during playback, however as you have learned, it doesn't work so well for what we do. :P It actually does this to all the staves, listen closely and you'll hear it, but it's most noticable in unison bass stuff. Setting it to ";Mecanicco"; seems to give the best literal translation. It seems to be set to Expressivo by default so you will need to set for every piece you do, or just do what I did and save it to your template.

Cheers! :)

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