Program Changes in Sibelius 4

I just bought Kontakt 2 and I understand how there are many programs in the sound banks. I just don't know how to change the instruments in Sibelius 4 so they will change in Kontakt 2. Jim showed me at TMEA  but my Sibelius seems to be responding differently unless I just forgot how to do it. Can someone tell me how to make program changes correctly in Sibelius 4 so that it will switch to the proper instrument in Kontakt 2? Thank You!
I did a forum search for [i]program change[/i], and found this among several others:
I just now read the page on Program Changes and I don't know why mine is not working correctly. I have put ~P20 and it takes me to program 21, I put ~P2, and It takes me to program 3, and If I put ~P1, or ~P0 it takes me to program 1. I cannot access my program 2 and why are my numbers off from my Kontakt player?
Try using a lower-case [b]";p";[/b]. (i.e.  ~p21)

Bank number ranges work from either 0-127 or 1-128.

If you use an upper-case [b]P[/b] you'll be on the 0-127 system where Kontakt 2 is looking for 1-128.
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