Mod wheel use

Hello all,

Specs:  PC, 2GB ram, 250GB hard drive, Intel 2 Duo Processor, Sibelius 4, VDL2, Korg K-49 midi, Audacity (free download).

I am confused about how to correctly use the mod wheel for my keyboard and it's correlation with the playback in VDL2.  Here is my example.  I'm writing a tenor part with the right hand playing rims/left hand playing on the drum heads (stock cascara).  Right now I'm using two layers to create the part in Sibelius, layer 1 rim sounds/layer 2 drum sounds.  The mod wheel needs to be raised to create the rims sound.  When I go to work on other parts I lower the mod wheel.  How can I lower the mod wheel back to the ";default"; position and still get the composite playback to be with the correct sounds?

Thanks for the replies. 

Mr. Casella, good luck with the boys in Green.  Loved last years show, and looking forward to this season. 

Hi Jeremy,

I did a quick forum search and found this:

You need to input a controller change to your score for every implement and timbre change.  I am unsure how yo do it in Finale but it will look something like ~C1,000.

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