Combo suggestion

I was comparing the Metal, Rack A and Rack B combos and found that in the Rack B combo there are only four sounds that are not found in the other two combos. They are: Concert Bass Drum (open), Tambourine Strike, Tambourine Shake and Woodblock.

It would be really cool if these four sounds could be added to the Rack A combo, then you could load the Metal and Rack A combos and still have all of the sounds.

For my version of the keymaps of these combos (and others) go to the 'Files' section of:

  ... removed ...

Also see post:


I think the layout of the keymaps are VERY cool (I use an Oxygen8).  Feel free to created as many of them as you have time to do.

Thanks Jim

Yes, I forgot to mention the bit about the 25 key part. I am using an Oxygen2; but the keymaps might be useful otherwise too. I think people will figure out how they can use them.

Hugh - good suggestions all around. I like your keymap diagrams too. I can see how they'd be especially helpful for people using a 25-key input device.

Thanks also for setting up the Yahoo group. I just joined! Hopefully it will become a place where VDL users can feel free to share files as another dimension to the forum community here.

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